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Welcome to Medical Abbreviations. We currently keep track of more than 20,000 medical acronyms and abbreviations in different specialized categories. You're able to browse according to the alphabet or by selecting the category that fits your search. Find out what meanings are for the medical acronyms, abbreviations, initials, lingo, jargon or slang and what they stand for.


Random selection of popular abbreviations / acronyms

 Abbreviations Category Meaning
NTAAcidsNatural Thymocytotoxic Autoantibody; Nitrilotriacetic Acid; Nurse Training Act
IMAArtery And ArteriesInferior Mesenteric Artery
CCICardiac Cardio And HeartCardiovascular Credentialing International
TSPAPAcidsTotal Serum Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
ASAOrganizationsAmerican Society Of Anesthesiologists
AJIMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAmerican Journal Of Industrial Medicine
10TH FTMedical Abbreviations [Slang]10th Floor Transfer - Dying (floor Number Is Always The Next Number On From The Highest Floor In The Hospital).
TCLCancers And TumorsT-cell Lymphoma
LDCCell And CellsLactose Digestion Capacity; Limited Assistance Dialysis Center; Lymphoid Dendritic Cell; Lysine Decarboxylase
ACAMOrganizationsAmerican College For Advancement In Medicine
PAWSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsPsychological Abuse Warriors And Survivors
ATOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsApheresis Technician
AINOVVirusAino Virus
ESPEOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsEuropean Society For Paediatric Endocrinology
SLNBrain Nerves And NeurologySentinel Lymph Node; Sublentiform Nucleus; Superior Laryngeal Nerve; SYBYL Line Notation
OSCCCell And CellsOral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
AMWAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAmerican Medical Women's Association
ASAPOOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAustralasian Society Of Anaesthesia Paramedical Officers [Previously: Australasian Society Of Anaesthesia Technicians]
CIRSEOrganizationsCardiovascular And Interventional Radiological Society Of Europe
SPNOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsSociedade Portuguesa De Neurologia

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